• Gemma

Benjamin Craven

Updated: Apr 29

Currently showing.

Inspired by everyday sights and occurrences, from the bright colours of the supermarket cleaning aisle, to architectural collisions - high, low, and all around. The surroundings of the day-to-day makes up his source of inspiration and, through his work, he sets out to encourage the viewer to consider playfulness in art and life. Using found textures, clashing colours, and patterns, his heavy use of geometric lines make for a bold signature style. Using screen-printing, digital format and paint to encapsulate the world through his eyes, Craven has collaborated with names such as Red Or Dead, Look Mate London, and the Hayward Gallery in London; his recent projects include working with BBC’s DIY SOS, and developing his own line of homeware products.

Having grown up just a few streets away from Fika North, we were compelled to do a

collaboration to commemorate the exhibition. Our logo naturally offered its self to a

re- colouration from Ben and the results are ace...

We made a limited edition run of 100 badges so if your lucky enough you might just grab yourself a mini piece of art. Plus all of the exhibition is for sale including A2, A3 prints + Large scale canvases and a very special custom made light box. This exhibition wont be up forever so make sure you get down and see it ASAP.



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